Why it Pays to Buy Luwak Coffee Online

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Business

As the popularity of Indonesia’s distinct coffee beans continues to grow, it’s often hard for consumers to determine the best place to buy it. Those who choose to buy luwak coffee online are likely to discover this is the very best choice to be made.

Reasons to Shop Online

There are a number of reasons why smart consumers choose to buy luwak coffee online. Here are just a few:

  • The convenience – While luwak coffee has gained quite a following in recent years, especially since its mention in the movie “Bucket List,” this coffee isn’t easy to find. Its rarity makes it almost certain that it cannot be found in local grocery stores. Online retailers, however, make it feasible for anyone to have this distinct bean shipped right to their door.
  • The pricing – Luwak coffee is considered very rare because it is only grown in the rich volcanic soil found in Indonesia. It also has a distinct processing that it goes through, adding to its flavor while also reducing its acidity. When these two things combine, the cost of luwak coffee can rise rather higher. Online retailers tend to offer these beans for prices that are reasonable considering the rarity level involved.
  • The varieties – Manage to find luwak coffee in a local store and chances are only one blend will be available. Online retailers, however, have access to these beans grown all around Indonesia. That means they can offer a variety of flavors that most other retailers simply cannot match. While luwak beans are the same throughout Indonesia, their flavors vary based on the unique soil composition in which they grow.
  • The benefits to growers – Those who buy luwak coffee online can take the time to make sure their beans come from retailers who work directly with local growers under fair trade agreements. Those agreements ensure the growers and the communities in which they live benefit from the profits of labor – not big corporations. This is an excellent way to enjoy a great cup of coffee while knowing that money spent benefits those who toiled to produce the product.

Luwak coffee is becoming a delicacy that many want to enjoy. Smart shoppers turn to the internet to find this distinct variety.

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