Why Getting the Best Deportation Attorney in Columbus, OH Is a Necessary Investment

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

The deportation process can be both worrisome and tedious for immigrants. Your goal might be to stay with their family or make a better life for yourself, but laws sometimes make these simple dreams difficult to achieve. Consequently, you’ll need a good deportation lawyer on your side to help you during the fight. However, not all deportation attorneys are created equal. As you hunt for a lawyer to help you with your case, you’ll want to know that they possess the following traits:

1. There’s a difference between a deportation attorney and an immigration consultant. Immigration consultants promise to help with your case, but they can do nothing more than help with filing papers because they are not licensed professionals. Your attorney should be a qualified professional who understands the deportation process and how to make the law work for you and not against you.

2. Having a lawyer who is compassionate about the issues that immigrants face is a must. Your lawyer should have strong personal convictions about the work that they do, and you should be able to tell that they are passionate about working with immigrants. Looking for this trait will help you ensure that you hire a lawyer who truly wants to help you stay in the country and become (or continue to be) a productive member of society.

3. Your deportation attorney should be a good problem solver who understands the different strategies that can be used in order to stop your deportation and keep you in the country. These tactics might include anything from applying for asylum or refugee status to filing for a cancellation of removal.

4. Your chosen deportation attorney should be able to help you if your case has been complicated by a criminal conviction, especially if the crime you are being charged with is very small (such as failing to pay a speeding ticket). Your lawyer should be able to take the time to explain all of the options you have for defending yourself in court and the best course of action for preventing deportation as a result of a conviction.

Preventing deportation is a complicated process, and going it alone could be a mistake that costs you the right to stay in the country. When you think of all you stand to lose in your deportation case, hiring the best Deportation Attorney In Columbus, OH becomes a necessity instead of just an option.


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