Why Divorce Mediation In River Forest Is Beneficial

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Divorce Mediation River Forest is a process in which counsel for both parties make one last effort to settle divorce disputes without going to trial. This process is necessary for anyone who does not wish to partake in a lengthy divorce trial which could take an excess of up to two or more years to settle. Mediation is the direct result of contested divorce proceedings in which at least one party fails to come into an agreement with the other. To discuss these matters with an attorney, you may contact Gabrielle S. Davis today.

Divorce Mediation River Forest

Ending your marriage is already a stressful task. However, this process becomes more tiresome when your divorce is contested. In a contested divorce, you are required to seek a resolution through one of two methods: mediation or a trial. Through mediation, you and your attorney will meet with your spouse and his or her lawyer to discuss each item in the divorce agreement. It is necessary to review each property in which you or your spouse may have the right to possess. All marital property is addressed first in these proceedings.

Local Divorce Attorney

Gabrielle S. Davis offers legal representation in divorce cases and other family law related proceedings including Divorce Mediation River Forest. She acts as a child custody attorney for individuals who are fighting for legal custody after a divorce. Through collaborative law, she can assist you in settling marital disputes related to property and asset division. Marital property relates to real property, bank accounts, antiques, and businesses created during the marriage. If you require legal counsel to help you file for a divorce for fight for your rights to marital property, contact Ms. Davis at the number that appears on her website at.

Divorce Mediation River Forest is an attempt to settle disputes within contested divorce proceedings. Through this process both parties have the opportunity to discuss their wishes in terms of marital properties and child custody. The process requires up to several hours to complete and requires that both parties attend with their respective legal counsel. In some cases, this is necessary to enable couples to discuss this issues in a safe environment. To discover how mediation can help you finalize your divorce, contact the Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis.

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