Who Might Need Physical Therapy in Sullivan County, NY and What Does it Offer?

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Chiropractors and physical therapists are experts when it comes to improving mobility and making it possible for a patient to experience pain free movement. Being able to move your body without experiencing pain is crucial to improving your quality of life. People who experience extreme amounts of pain when moving are unable to support themselves and, in some cases, they are unable to take care of themselves as well.

Improving Mobility and Range of Motion

Did you know that 18 percent of deaths in the United States are linked to obesity? Just being able to move can help prevent obesity. Studies have concluded that sitting for long periods of time can be extremely unhealthy to the human body. Just walking for 10 to 20 minutes a day makes a huge difference to the human body. For people who experience a lot of pain from moving, it can be hard to walk for even that small amount of time. This is why a lot of people who go to a facility that offers Physical Therapy in Sullivan County do so because they want to improve and restore motion. They are just looking to feel better and be able to do more.

Avoiding Invasive Procedures and Medication

People are constantly being referred to facilities such as Advanced Health & Medical in order to find treatments for conditions and illnesses that do not involve invasive surgery and/or medication. Treatment provided by a physical therapist can actually be cheaper, and more effective, than taking medication for a long period of time or receiving invasive surgery.

When asked why someone would need to go to a facility that provides Physical Therapy Sullivan County NY the truth is that there is not one right reason. There are many reasons for needing physical therapy. There are people with certain medical conditions who need therapy for the rest of their life just to maintain a range of mobility that makes it possible for them to live. There are also some people who need the therapy after an accident or trauma in order to teach their body how to do things that it has known how to do since the person was very small.


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