When You Need Extra Home Storage; Turn to a Self Storage Unit

April, 2013 by

For the many business owners, property owners and renters who have insufficient space in their home; a smart solution for storing and keeping all of their items safe is turning to a self storage unit. Every day, more and more people are turning to self storage facilities for short and long term use to make sure they have the space they need to keep their most important items safe and well looked after. However, the thing to keep in mind when it comes to finding a storage company is that not all storage companies are created the same and you will want to carefully look for the right self storage facility in order to make sure you are turning to the right place.

First you will want to start researching and make sure that the self storage company that will be convenient for you. Look for storage companies that are easy to get to from your home and office, allow you to reserve a space online and those that will let you manage your payments online as well. Small things like this can make the entire self storage process easier on you and your family.

As you research the storage company for features like this you will also want to make sure that you turn to a company that has the right security in place. Security is of the utmost importance and you will want to feel confident knowing that the place you are turning to will be taking good care of your items while you are not around. You should always visit a storage facility first to examine their safety features and leave feeling as though your items will be just as safe or safer in this self storage facility than they would be at your home. Not only should the individual units have locks and security measures in place but the entire storage facility should be safe and protected as well. This means having security cameras, locked gates, password protected entry ways and more.

When looking at storage companies for your home or professional storage, you will want to make sure that you are also inspecting the individual storage unit that you are considering as well. Look for signs of damage, water or mold in the storage unit first to make sure that you are placing your items in a facility that is truly a safe place for your most prized belongings.


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