When You Need an Orthodontist, You Will Find One in Hinsdale

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When You Need an Orthodontist, You Will Find One in Hinsdale

An orthodontist is a dental specialist; they work with patients who have misaligned or crooked teeth that require correction. When people think of orthodontics or an orthodontist, they automatically think of braces. Although there is a good reason for this, an orthodontist does more than that. Many treatment options and services are available in Hinsdale to rectify common problems.


Braces are the primary service provided by orthodontists. Conventional braces consist of wires, brackets, and bands that are tightened as the treatment progresses. The controlled pressure placed on the teeth slowly move them into the desired position. Braces are used to straighten teeth. They are also used to correct an over or under bite, tooth crowding, or gaps between teeth. The majority of braces supplied in Hinsdale use metal brackets, but they are also available in ceramic and clear for patients who do not want them to be so visible.


An orthodontist will often suggest spacers be used when a child loses his or her baby teeth too early. Spacers ensure that the remaining teeth do not take over the space left by the lost tooth. Space must be maintained until filled by an adult tooth.


Aligners perform the same job as braces; they are used to straighten and align teeth. Aligners have some real benefits to the wearer as they can be removed for cleaning, they are difficult to see, and they tend to straighten teeth quicker than braces.


Once teeth have been repositioned using braces or aligners, the orthodontist will suggest that a retainer is used. A retainer is removable; it keeps teeth from returning to their original position. Retainers can be metal or plastic; they are worn at night and removed during the day.

If you are looking for an orthodontist, make an appointment with Oakbrook Orthodontics near Hinsdale. For further information of the professional services available.

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