When to Call a Roofer in Norman

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If you’re wondering when to call a local roofer in Norman, the answer may be below. While every roof situation does not call for professional intervention, in many cases you do need to call a professional Roofer as soon as you see certain signs. Keep reading to learn what those signs of roof trouble may be.

Torn Roof Shingles

If you notice torn roof shingles, it is generally time to call a local roofer in Norman. Torn shingles can be anything from a minor issue to a major disaster, so this does depend in part on exactly how many shingles have come loose. The more shingles are loose, the worse the condition of the roof materials beneath the shingles is likely to be. When the roof materials are exposed, they will absorb all of the rain that falls. This can quickly lead to mold and decay of materials like wood and insulation.

A Leak Coming From The Ceiling

If you have a ceiling leak, it is time for a consultation with a roofer. The ceiling leak is almost always the result of damage to roof materials. Although this damage may not be visible from the street, it can quickly reveal itself via a leak. A leak may mean that you notice water actually dripping from the ceiling, or it may just show itself as a spot on the ceiling. If you see a discolored area on the ceiling that wasn’t there before, this typically means that water has been there. Leaks don’t resolve without intervention, so a roofer is the only person who can help stop the problem before it worsens.

If The Gutters Are Clogged

When your gutters are clogged, it’s a sign that your roof is probably inundated with debris. The job of the gutters is siphoning the water and the random debris off your roof, but if those gutters are clogged up they can’t do their job. The more debris that collects on your roof, the more it will get weighted down. This means that your whole roof could cave in if the debris is left there. Call a roofer quickly to avoid this type of outcome!

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