What You Should Know About Your Septic System in Maui

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Business

The average homeowner knows little to nothing about their home’s septic system other than it is a sewage and waste disposal unit. Until something goes wrong with their septic system in Maui homeowners almost never think about this aspect of their plumbing. The following information will provide you with things you need to know so you will no longer be the average homeowner with little knowledge of septic systems.

Domestic wastewater consists mostly of water (98.8 percent) with a few particulates of solids. Residential septic systems are designed to handle up to 200 gallons per day per person. For instance, a family of four people can easily use up to 800 gallons of water per day. Every septic system has what is called a leach field around it and a chamber system that properly filters and distributes wastewater. Even a minor toilet leak can can cause problems and create leaks that total 1,440 gallons in one day which is a problem.

Professional plumbing technicians who deal in septic systems will need to come out and evaluate the situation. These experts will check for leaks and make the appropriate recommendations and repairs necessary to stop the leak. They may also make recommendations to you about what you should and should not flush down your toilet and place in your drains. Some septic system issues can be prevented if you know how to maintain your indoor plumbing.

Besides repairs, septic system professionals can also install these systems on your property. This can be a costly process depending on the type of soil in which it is to be placed. For instance, Haiku soil, common in Maui, contains a lot of clay which requires more leach lines. This will raise the cost of installing the system. Hana soil is just the opposite of Haiku soil which is ideal for septic system installation.

When you are in need of any kind of septic system repair or services it is important to choose quality contractors for the job. Valley Isle Pumping provides a variety of quality Septic System in Maui services including pumping, inspection, line cleaning, and wastewater treatment systems. They offer 24-hour services in case you have an emergency with your septic system.

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