What type of storage do you need?

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Storage

Over time families tend to accumulate a great number of items, garden equipment keeps piling up as do children’s tots that have long been grown out of and hundreds of other things. Most families understand that things have to go; you simply cannot go on with keeping everything so they hold a garage sale or donate what they don’t want or need to a charity. Even with this, there can still be a lot left, too much to keep in the garage, basement or attic. When this happens you know you have to find an alternative.

There are two storage solutions, short term and long term. The right choice can only be made by you but remember one thing, everything in storage is yours and you are responsible for it so make sure your insurance covers the goods while in storage and if it doesn’t then take out a policy that does.

Self storage in Fort Meyers FL.

Self storage is the ideal choice when your storage needs are short term. If you are moving from one home to another, you may need to store some things until you get settled into your new home. These self storage units are also good for long term storage when you need frequent access to the goods. Self storage units are rented on a monthly basis and you pay a different rate based on the size of the unit. You are responsible for your goods and you own the lock and key for security. During the day there will usually be times when the units are available for access, find out before you rent the unit what the access details are, they may not suit your schedule.

You are responsible for packing your goods and delivering them to self storage in Fort Meyers, FL. Most self storage operators do have vans that can be rented if you have no other option.

Container storage:

Containers are used for long term storage or for a specific time frame. This type of storage is often the choice of people who are moving and all their possessions must be stored while the new house is being built. When this option is chosen, the container is brought to your home where it is packed and then picked up and taken to a secure storage yard. It is difficult to gain access to the container once it is in storage.

RoMar Rentals have been providing self storage facility for 35 years. They have a variety of unit sizes to meet your storage needs in Fort Meyers, FL.

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