What to Look for in AC Contractors in Nassau County

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Most New York residents have an air conditioner of some kind for their home. Summer time often means very hot, humid weather, which means people get uncomfortable without some way to cool off this time of the year. AC Contractors in Nassau County have the necessary training and experience to provide you with quality maintenance, repairs, and replacements as needed. A well-maintained and efficient air conditioning unit starts with knowing what to expect from an air conditioner contractor.

Knowledge and Expertise

You are a homeowner. You are not expected to an expert with knowledge of the various types of air conditioning systems or brands. However, an AC contractor is such an expert that is expected to have this kind of knowledge. You should expect your AC technician to make good recommendations for the type of air conditioner that will work best in your home. The four basic types include heat pumps, split systems, mini split ductless systems, and ductless systems.

Experience and Equipment

All AC technicians should have ample experience and the proper equipment to handle any job that needs to be done for your AC. If your unit needs maintenance, they should have the tools and equipment to perform tasks like thermostat calibration, air duct cleaning, connection checking and securing, and other aspects of checking and tuning up your air conditioner. If your system requires refrigerant charging or some type of repair, they should have the tools readily available to do the job.

Reliability and Professionalism

As a homeowner with an air conditioning system, you should be able to count on the air conditioning contractor you choose for your maintenance, How do you know when a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor is reliable and professional? The initial contact with a customer service representative when you call for services will give you an idea of the contractor’s professionalism. When the technician comes to your door, he or she should be on time and dressed in the company uniform and be respectful and courteous.

AC Contractors in Nassau County have to be licensed, insured, and have the appropriate credentials in order to provide you with any kind of services. This is information you can find on their website and sometimes in your local phone book before making your call. ETNA Prestige Technology provides quality services with qualified technicians and superior customer service.

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