What To Expect After A Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental implants have been around for a long time, and modern dentistry has practically perfected the method of placing dental implants within the jaw. So if you are preparing for a dental implant procedure you have little to worry about as long as your dentist is experienced and has a good reputation for performing dental implant procedures. While your dentist and others have likely prepared you for the actual process of placing dental implants, it is less likely that you have been told what to expect during the healing process. To help prepare you and put your mind at ease, here is what you should expect after your dental implant procedure.

Once your dental implants in Warrenton have been placed in your jawbone and the gums around them have healed, you will need to return to your dentist once again to complete the dental implant process. Typically your dentist will place a crown or abutment on top of the newly-secured dental implant base. If an abutment is placed, it serves as a sort of anchor for the crown. Once this process is completed your smile will look whole again because the missing tooth will be completely replaced with a realistic false tooth.

Although dental implants in Warrenton have a very high success rate, there is the possibility that you may be part of a small percentage of people who develop problems with their implants. There are certain symptoms that you should expect after your procedure such as swelling, sensitivity, and bruising. However, there is also the very rare possibility that you could develop an infection at the site of the implant. You may also experience some nerve damage that presents itself as tingling or a lack of sensation in some areas of the face. There is also the unlikely possibility that you could experience bone loss, jaw pain, or sinusitis after your procedure. If you notice any of these rare symptoms, be sure to talk to your dentist right away.

Once your dental implants in Warrenton have healed, you will need to schedule regular visits with your oral surgeon or dentist. They will let you know how often they need to check your dental implants to ensure that they are not developing any problems. Remember that your dental implants should be cared for just like regular teeth. Keep them brushed regularly and remember to floss daily and your implants should stay in great condition for a long time.
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