What Is So Special About Crackling Candles?

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What Is So Special About Crackling Candles?

What is so special about crackling candles? Crackling candles will not only fill your home with the great aroma of a candle, but the will also fill your home with the soothing sounds of a burning hearth.

Crackling Candles

Candles are pleasing to the eye. A burning candle will cast a gentle glow and create a warm ambiance in any room. Depending on the scent, they will fill your home with an inviting fragrance for all to enjoy. However, crackling candles offer something else for your senses. They offer the crackle and pop of a natural burning fire.

Crackling candles have a natural wooden wick that, when burned, provides the soothing sound of burning wood. It crackles and pops just like a wood fire.

If you did not know about the unique feature of the wick, you may think someone placed a stick in the middle of your candle. The sound is that authentic. The burning of a natural wooden wick will remind you of cold nights out by the outdoor campfire. You can hear the familiar crackling sounds, as the flame dances around the candle. Be careful, because you may have an incredible urge to break out the s’mores when you hear the candle’s famous crackling sound!


Crackling candles are available in a variety of natural outdoor scents and seasonal scents. Many of the fragrances were inspired by the natural smells of the forest. However, their seasonal scents such as Pumpkin Butter and Cinnamon Chai are incredible along with their spring and summer collections of Honeysuckle and Lemon Sage.

Crackling candles are affordable and are a wonderful addition to your home. They make great gifts especially to someone who has not heard of unique crackling candles. The unique candles will add their rich, warm fragrance and soothing sound to any room in your home.

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