What is a Transmission Overhaul in Montgomery, AL

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One of the most vital aspects of your vehicle is the transmission. Whether you use a manual transmission or your vehicle employs an automatic transmission, this is an extremely important part of the operation of your vehicle. They can also be very expensive to replace should the transmission experience a catastrophic failure. Unfortunately, some transmissions do and one way to avoid these problems from happening is to keep up on the regular maintenance of the transmission. This means changing transmission filters and transmission fluid as recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle and you can find this information in the owners manual.

However, some people, especially people who drive vehicles for extended periods of time and rely heavily on their vehicles such as delivery vehicles will often submit their transmissions to what is known as a trnamission overhaul in Montgomery AL. Many people confuse this with rebuilding a transmission, but the process is a little different and typically, when the transmission is overhauled, it is still working.

The basic premise behind a trnamission overhaul in Montgomery AL is that the transmission is disassembled and all the internal parts of the transmission are visually inspected. In some cases, there may be parts that have worn considerably that will need to be replaced. In other situations, parts of the transmission will need to be cleaned up and visually inspected for any signs of wear or distress. Once parts of been replaced or parts have been cleaned and inspected, then the transmission can be reassembled. In addition, any torque requirements that will need to be made to your transmission as well as any valves that exist in your transmission will also need to be tested at this time.

If you know a bit about automotive mechanics, and you have the necessary tools and time, you can typically overhaul a transmission on your own. In fact, many auto-parts stores sell kits to allow you to overhaul your transmission. However, if you’re not quite sure if you’re up to the challenge or if you know that you’re not, there are many repair shops within the Montgomery, Alabama area that offer services for overhauling a transmission and if you think you need to do this, you should contact them at your soonest convenience.

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