What Is A Jail Bond in Dekalb County?

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Law

A Jail Bond in Dekalb County is a contract between four people including: the bail bondsman, the court that holds the warrant, the person co-signing the bail, and the defendant. The bail bondsman and the co-signer of the bail are the people who are responsible for making sure that the defendant shows up for all of their court dates. Naturally, you also have the option to pay your bail on your own if you can afford it. The amount of bail that is set usually depends on what kind of crime you committed and how much of a flight risk you are. If you have a history of now showing up for your court dates, chances are pretty good you will not get a bail at all. If you know you have a warrant and you turn yourself in, this makes you not a flight risk. Than can sometimes reduce the bail amount that gets set.


The reason why you get a Jail Bond in Dekalb County is because you are not able to pay the full bail amount. If you committed a felony you are only going to have to pay the bondsman 10 percent of the bail amount. This means if your bail is $100,000 the person posting your bail would only have to pay the bondsman $10,000. A misdemeanor, on the other hand, is going to require you to pay 20 percent of your bond. If you a $2,000 bail was set, you would have to pay $400 to the bail bonding company.

A lot of bondsman are willing to work with you if you are not able to pay 10 or 20 percent of the bail amount. Most bondman are also happy to take some form of collateral that equals the amount of money you would be required to pay or more. This way they can still get their money back if the person you are co-signing for was to skip out on their court date. A good bondsman is likely to require some form of collateral from the defendant in order to encourage them to come back to their court date as well. This collateral would be returned to the defendant after their court date. For more details Click Here.

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