What is a Dual Diagnosis and how does it Affect Your Sobriety?

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What is a Dual Diagnosis and how does it Affect Your Sobriety?

When a person gets a dual diagnosis from a doctor or health professional, it means that they are suffering from a mood disorder or mental illness (such as depression) while simultaneously dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction. It is hard to treat both illnesses at once, but treating them together gives the patient the highest chance of recovery. Patience and a willingness to get help are needed in order to fully recover from a dual diagnosis.

Knowing the Signs of a Mood Disorder

Understanding the signs of your mood disorder will help you realize whether or not you need help. If you are experiencing extreme sadness, mood swings, a decrease in motivation, a change in your sleep and eating patterns, anxiety, recluse, and/or thoughts of death or suicide, then seek a doctor for immediate help. You cannot diagnose your own mood disorder. Only a health professional or a doctor can.

How Does Self-Medication Affect Your Mood Disorder?

People with a mood disorder often partake in drugs and alcohol to numb the feelings and pain associated with their illness. They feel that if they continue to drink or do drugs, then their problem will be solved. However, what actually happens is quite the opposite. The self-medication makes the situation much worse. If you or a friend is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, then finding treatment is the best thing to do.

Getting Treatment

In order to detox and start your road to recovery, you will need to check yourself into a rehabilitation center. If your mood disorder is not treated but your self-medication is, then it will be very easy for you to relapse in the future. Making sure that you attend a Los Angeles addiction treatment center is paramount in leading a life of sobriety. This is not something that you can tackle alone.

If you suspect that you or a loved one might have both a mood disorder and a drug/alcohol addiction, then seek help right away. A professional will diagnose you and will work hard to get you the best treatment available. Whatever you do, do not give up hope, because there is people that care about you whether you think so or not. You will get through this, no matter how hard the battle might be. Just please keep holding on.

A dual diagnosis is tricky and requires a unique treatment plan like those offered at the Gooden Center. They are the premier Los Angeles addiction treatment center. Call them today.

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