What differentiates a hotel from a resort?

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

The primary difference between St Pete hotel lodging and a resort can be found in the services, locale, the activities and amenities. Resorts are usually much larger, at least in land area, they are spread out much more so than a hotel. As a result of the space, the resort will offer more in the way of activities that cater to the vacation needs of the guests. Although a guest can sleep, eat and drink in both a hotel and a resort, they are quite different.

Resorts are established to appeal to the vacation needs of individuals or families. When vacation time comes most people simply want to get away and have their desires catered to. As a resort is usually located on a large tract of land it is possible for them to offer a golf course, tennis courts, a beach, pools and many other activities. The resort will normally have low rise buildings that are often clustered in beautifully landscaped grounds where it is possible to simply take a pleasant walk in beautiful surroundings. A hotel is very different; they are usually located on a small plot of land, enough for the hotel building and parking facilities for the guests. Rarely is a hotel far off the beaten path, they are located close to main highways and in the city for the convenience of the guests which are usually people oriented to business and not pleasure.

In St Pete hotel lodging you will find a business center and perhaps a small fitness center. Depending on the hotel they may or may not have a restaurant or bar. A resort is quite different; there are always a number of restaurants, snack bars, bars. A resort will have evening entertainment that includes bands and dancing, rarely is this a feature in a hotel.

There are often free services made available by both hotels and resorts but the number of them will differ considerably. In the hotel you will probably get a free morning paper and free access to the internet. In a resort you will get that and more, the resort will usually have discount passes for nearby attractions, free shuttle services and discounts that can be used in various restaurants and bars either within the resort grounds or outside.

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