What Car Accident Lawyers In Plattsburgh, NY Can Do For You

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Car Accident Lawyers in Plattsburgh, NY review the circumstances of these accidents to determine the chain of events that led up to this occurrence. They additionally acquire evidence to establish fault and whether or not any criminal activities caused the accident. This information is typically found within the accident report. However, cases that involved a hit and run will have a criminally-based report. In these cases, your lawyer must gather evidence that places the driver on the scene.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents Plattsburgh NY are any incident where an individual is injured via moving vehicle in which the driver flees the scene. In order to place the individual on the scene of the accident it is necessary to find corroborating witnesses. The witnesses saw the events that led up to the accident and can identify the driver of the vehicle.

If the accident occurred outside of a shopping mall or other area that possesses surveillance cameras it is possible for the law enforcement to acquire the video as evidence. Depending upon the angle of the camera it is possible to view the license plate on the vehicle and the driver. Compelling evidence will increase the odds that you will win your personal injury claim, and the state will convict the driver.

Severity of the Accident

The severity of the accident will determine the type of injuries you sustain. It is the impact that causes the most damage. The impact alone can cause injuries due to pressure and the sudden jolt to your body. It is the impact that causes common conditions such as whiplash and other head or neck injuries.

Your lawyer will review the severity of your injuries when he or she evaluates your case. It is through this evaluation that your lawyer may arrive at a specific settlement amount to present to the opposition. Settlements include the cost of your medical bills, wages that you lost, and the cost of property damage to your vehicle. Judges will review the severity of your accident and the associated injuries to determine if you should be awarded monetary damages for pain and suffering. To learn more click the Click Here link for your preferred attorney.