Weird But True Facts From A Divorce Lawyer in New Market

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Lawyers

Divorce is never a pleasant thing to go through even if the parting if the ways are amicable. There is still a lot of stress and heartache the procedure brings. To help lift the spirits to those searching for information about a Divorce Lawyer in New Market, take a break and read some of these strange but true divorce tidbits to help lighten the load a bit.

Money Changes Everything

Two statistics professors from fabled Emory University did a study that found the more a couple spent on the wedding itself, the higher the likelihood a divorce would occur. For couples who spent over $20,000 for the wedding, the divorce rate was 1.6 times higher than those who spent only $5-10 thousand. The divorce rate plummeted for those couples who spent under $1000.

Don’t Be Greedy

One woman won the lottery shortly before divorcing her husband. She never told anyone about the winnings before the divorce was finalized, only admitting to it afterward. However, due to a law about hiding finances during the divorce proceedings, she was forced to hand over the entire jackpot of just over $1 million to her husband. That’s karma.

Short-Lived Marriage

The infamous serial killer Ted Bundy was married just hours before his sentence of death by leveraging an unusual Florida law. The law states that any pronouncement of marriage within the presence of court officials is legally binding. Bundy proposed to a fan when he was cross-examining her while on the stand, and she accepted. They never needed to use a divorce lawyer in New Market.

Mail It In

As much as mail order marriages are ridiculed in mainstream society, they are the form of marriage least likely to end in divorce.

Contact us if there are thoughts or questions about how to file for divorce or to schedule a consultation. While it may be a painful thing to have happen in life, it must still be approached in a logical and sensible manner. Don’t lose everything in a divorce. Contact an experienced attorney about how to protect assets today.

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