Utilizing the Services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Silverdale to Collect Compensation for Vicious Dog Bites

by | May 12, 2017 | Personal Injury Attorney

Dog attacks can be vicious and disfiguring. Some who are victims of dog bites were bitten by another person’s dog under negligent circumstances. Dog bite victims are in the position to sue when the dog owner has failed to properly restrain or warn that an unfriendly pet is near. A dog bite injury can cause disfigurement, nerve damage and a whole lot of other problems. The need for medical care in dog bite injuries can be consistent and costly. Victims of dog bites may be unable to work for an extended period of time. A dog bite personal injury lawyer Silverdale lends a helping hand in difficult times like this. Lawyers investigate dog bite incidents to learn how the dog owner exposed the injured to danger. They take action to ensure that the injured gets financial reparation.

Many dogs bites litigation cases are paid out by the owner’s home insurance. Dog bite victims might be wondering if their case is going to hold up in court. There are a few basic things to know that will answer that question. An unchained dog that charges at a person on the sidewalk to attack puts the owner under strict liability. The owner failed to restrain the animal and keep it away from people passing by. An invitee on someone’s property who gets bitten by the dog has a valid case for personal injury. This is as long as the invitee didn’t provoke aggressive behavior in the dog. The law does not allow trespassers to collect compensation for dog bites.

A personal injury lawyer Silverdale has the wit and skills to obtain maximum compensation for injuries and psychological damage. There is no reason to stress about paying legal fees up front. There are no legal fees until clients win their case. Most states are not acknowledging the one bite rule anymore. This is when a dog’s first bite is forgiven, and the victim doesn’t receive compensation. Strict liability states say that a dog does not have to show prior signs of aggression before biting someone, and the owner is liable for the first bite. Click here for more information.

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