Utilizing Penetration Testing in Philadelphia, PA To Protect Your Business

January, 2014 by

You probably visit dozens of sites every single day on the Internet. You might check your email every so often or even sign into your bank account to check your balance. Have you ever stopped to think about the security of the services you’re using? We are always hearing about accounts being hacked and credit card information being stolen from databases that are supposedly secure. How do you think your bank works to protect your money and your personal information?

Penetration Testing in Philadelphia, PA is a practice that’s carried out in many other parts of the United States and the world. The majority of people carrying out these tests are companies like your bank and email service provider. These companies are constantly working to make sure that their networks and databases are secure.

Just how do these companies protect themselves from virtual intruders? With Penetration Testing in Philadelphia, PA, companies higher hackers and computer professionals who have experience in security defenses and attacks. Many of these individuals have extensive knowledge of a wide range of network security services. Basically their job is to find a way to penetrate the security that companies have in place. They must find loopholes, weak spots, and intricate vulnerabilities in the system that can be exploited.

It’s important that these tests are ongoing. Why? Simply because attacks are always happening and technology is always changing. You yourself have probably notice the tiny notification on your desktop that states your virus protection software has been updated, and this is an update that happens every day. This is because the hackers of the world never sleep. There are thousands, and possibly millions, of hackers that constantly try to infiltrate company security systems. It’s not uncommon for companies to see several attacks every single day. Some of these attacks are successful and some aren’t.

If you’re a company that would like to protect your information and your customers, it’s important to understand the vulnerabilities of your own system. The Computer Connection Of Central New York Inc can help find these vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed before something terrible happens. Discover your vulnerabilities and protect yourself.

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