Using a Family Lawyer to Understand Ct Child Support Laws

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Law

When it comes to divorce cases, one of the most vexing issues has to be child support. Fighting with your spouse about property looks rational but when you bring in kids into the picture, it becomes very intricate and emotional. It behoves on you as a parent to have inkling about Ct child support laws and what is required of you as a parent.

Divorce lawyers have been vilified for many reasons but simply put, you are better off with one when manoeuvring the complex Ct child support laws. For a start, they have the prerequisite training and experience to deal with any kind of legal situation to ensure you are not pushed to the wall by the courts.

Remember that these legal experts have dealt with cases of all manner and they can use the expertise gained in the process to have your back covered. More importantly, your divorce attorney has the resources to research your case and get precedents in Ct Child Support Laws and judgements. This ensures speedy justice which is what everyone wants during a divorce.

Now that you appreciate the immense role of your attorney, you also need to consider some of the factors used under Connecticut law to order child support. One of the most crucial is of course financial stability in terms of the source of your income and also assets.

Other considerations which your lawyer will help you understand better include your age, health condition, parental skills, needs of the child, your educational level among other factors. In child support laws all these factors can be contested again highlighting the crucial role your attorney will play. The legal obligations under these laws terminate child support after 18 years but in some special circumstances, the court can rule otherwise.

What if the shoe is on the other hand and you need child support for your kid (s)? In this case, the non-custodial parent can be ordered by the courts to pay both for child care and health insurance. In this case, your lawyer will help you get a court order irrespective of whether the non-custodial parent is willing to pay voluntarily.

Clearly, there are many gray areas which only your attorney will be able to help you sort out. Consider for example the IV-D child support services offered by the state, enforcement laws on child support through income withholding and contempt of court proceedings and it becomes clear that child support laws is a complex field that can only be sorted in an organized manner through a lawyer.

If you have been undergoing child support issues either as the custodian or non-custodian parent, do not try to manoeuvre around child support laws in Connecticut. It is a landmine that can run you into more financial strain if you do not have legal support from a qualified family lawyer.

Child support can help you as the custodian parent in organizing your finances. On the other hand, you might need a lawyer to help you get a fair deal during the setting of child support figures. For resources and information on Ct Child Support Laws why not visit and at least prepare yourself?


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