Use Roofing Contractors In Louisville, KY For Inspections Prior To Filing An Insurance Claim

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

One myth about insurance claims and how your rates can increase is by simply submitting a claim to your agent. While in most cases of course this may raise your annual premium, not reporting a claim may also raise your rates. The problem here is that if a significant amount of people are hurt by a specific storm for example, the rates in the immediate area will be raised. If you suspect that you are part of the countrywide $2 billion dollar claims that are made every year because of storm damage to your room, you should report it to your insurance company and get covered for repairs.

If you are considering making a claim that should be repaired by local Roofing Contractors in Louisville, KY you can do a few inspections yourself after the storm passes. Never try to take care of a leak or roof damage when the roof is still wet. The safest thing to do in this case is to cover the roof with tarp but do not proceed with any work as it is dangerous to do so without the proper safety equipment. What is more is that you will not be able to pinpoint the direct point of damage. A leak on your ceiling is most likely not caused by a direct hole above it.

The roofing system in a home is not just the shingles that are visible. There are also different components such as underlayment, flashing, the shingles or tiles, and trim. With that the different elements of a roof may have a ridge, valley, hip, pitch, eaves, gables or dormer. Understanding how these systems work in conjunction with one another will help you determine how a leak may have happened but it will not show you where the damage can be traced to.

Roofing contractors in Louisville KY are trained to hop up on your roof and give an honest assessment as to damage before a claim is filed to the severity of any damage done during a storm. Evidence of mineral deposits in your gutters, dings on those gutters and downspouts, leaks, and possible hail damage to vents and shingles are easily documented for proof of damage and easily filing of any claim as long as it is professionally inspected.

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