Understand The Various Roofing Materials In Dayton, OH

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

How old is the roof on your house. If you have moved into a fairly new home, it is good to know how old the house is because that can give you a clue to how much care your roof will need. A new roof probably won’t require much attention unless there has been a problem. For example, if a large tree branch was to fall on your roof it will probably poke some holes in the roofing material. Even if you take care of all of the obvious damage, you may discover that some very small holes were poked in the materials or maybe just some dimples poked in the roofing material that over time became holes and caused some leaks, whose source might be very hard to find. You may need to have a company that does Roofing in Dayton, OH & to check things out.

Whether you have a problem that you have discovered or are just considering replacing the roof, you should talk to a well experienced Roofing in Dayton, OH company. Most people replacing a roof will only think about replacing the roof with asphalt shingles. When you are putting on a new roof, you might want to consider other kinds of roofing materials such as Wooden Shakes, Slate, Fiberglass, Tile or even metal.

Each of the available roof types have advantages and disadvantages and you might want to consider all of them before deciding. Often Wooden Shake roofs look great on bungalows, cottages or contemporary homes. They give the home a very natural look and it does provide adequate insulation. It will take some maintenance. You will need to keep a look out for mildewing or rotting shakes and wood is more susceptible to fires. Slate roofs are distinctive, durable and attractive. They take very little maintenance but they are more expensive than other roof types. Metal roofs are also expensive and can be complicated to install. On the up side they have a very long lifespan and can come in a large variety of styles and colors. Fiber glass is lightweight and can come in different sizes and shapes and is fairly inexpensive. It is also considered to be more environmentally friendly. However fiberglass isn’t very well insulated if used in more chilly temperatures and it can be very fragile so it has a shorter lifespan than other roof types.


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