Typical Forestry and Tree Trucks in Virginia

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Business

Caring for trees and studying them should be done in specialized vehicles that would not harm the trees while assisting those in the vehicle to accomplish their mission. There are trucks that are specifically designed to venture into the forest and they are known as forest or tree trucks.

Forestry and tree trucks in Virginia are used for reaching high trees that require trimming and such like tree-care functions. Getting to the trees in one peace without causing much damage is the intended result. The following features are what are normally found on forest trucks.

Storage space

Space could be for carrying some of the supplies or for carrying samples from the forest. Whatever the reason they usually come with storage space for whatever purpose you see fit.

Insulated booms

Insulation protects from any risk of electricity as you reach for the heights of a tree for whatever purpose. Even with insulated booms it is advisable to wear protective clothing like rubber gloves to reduce the incidence of electrocution.


Most forestry and tree trucks in Virginia reach a height of 55 feet. This allows you to reach many high trees since it is rather high. They normally have a platform that rotates to a certain level so as to enable you to reach the hard-to-reach areas.

Their engines are powerful and can handle the difficult roads. Where you need to tow a few things the truck can carry around 30,000lbs comfortably. This comes in very handy for those instances when a tree has to be cut down.

Some have an aerial lift installed on them. This allows the user to slowly back up to the area under scrutiny and gives extra room to reach in. The bigger duties will require bigger trucks but most forestry and tree trucks in Virginia can complete any exercise.

If you will be using these trucks once in a while or not on a regular basis then it would be wise to hire them as opposed to buying them. Hiring saves you the hassle of maintenance. The trucks may not always be at your disposal but making prior bookings can help with that.

Buying trucks is also capital intensive so unless you have the resources for this hiring will save you a penny. What you save can be invested into another aspect of your venture and it could gradually grow it into something bigger and better that covers greater areas.

Trucks are a vital addition to any task that involves lifting and heights. Get a wide selection of trucks for hire at PLERI get your task done.

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