Tree Service Shreveport LA Can Should Be Performed By An Expert

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Trees can get rather ugly if they are left to grow without maintenance and trimming. It is something like a person’s hair; it can be trimmed or styled and it looks much better. Of course, many shrubs and trees fall into the category of needing to be trimmed in a very specific way. Often, people who specialize in tree trimming have studied to earn the classification of arborist.

An ISA Certified Arborist is an individual who has achieved a degree of knowledge and expertise in the art and science of tree care through at least three years of experience. An arborist has also passed a comprehensive examination on all aspects of tree care. Earthworks Lawn and Tree Care has a licensed arborist on its staff. The team that works with the arborist in tree care has been trained and they work as a team to maintain each tree as it should be.

A tree is a major part of the landscape and it enhances the beauty of the home and the yard when it is groomed to look like the tree it really is. For example, palm trees require certain trimming procedures that only a skilled person could do.

Selecting a tree for planting in a homeowner’s yard is a delicate task because the homeowner has a general expectation of what the tree should look like. A tree expert can visualize the tree required and then determine how it is to be planted. Part of this process is establishing a maintenance schedule for the tree.

If a tree appears to have a problem, then it is the tree experts job to determine the problem and what will be required to solve it. There are many diseases that can attack trees, but they seldom do if the tree is healthy. The health of a tree is accomplished by proper maintenance and fertilizing. Tree Service Shreveport LA can prescribe the correct fertilizer and even apply it properly.

Occasionally a tree must be cut down, and when this is required the tree experts at Earthworks Lawn & Tree can ensure that the tree is cut down without any damage to the other trees or the property. It is important to have an expert haul away the remains of the tree and clean the yard of debris.

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