Tips when selling gold jewelry

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Over a span of years the price of gold has just gone one way and that is up. Certainly the price varies for all kinds of reasons but rarely does it go down and stay down for long. Many people have one way or another managed to gather old gold, usually in the form of broken jewelry and in many cases antique jewelry that may have been acquired from an estate.


Scrap gold usually consists of broken or mismatched earrings, lengths of broken chain, old gold coins that have no numismatic value, broken gold crowns from a tooth, etc. You can gather this up and quickly turn it into cash by going to a gold buyer in Marietta, GA.

Gather the gold:

Many homes have drawers and old jewelry boxes that have not been looked into for years; this is where you can start to build your stockpile of old gold. When you run across these items tucked away here and there, separate those that may still be wearable from that which is no longer of any use other than scrap.

It is not necessarily wise to sell all your scrap jewelry to a gold buyer in Marietta GA; it may be possible that the jewelry that is still wearable may bring a better price at auction. It does not hurt to put these items on an internet auction site and see what happens, if no one offers to buy them as is, they can still be sold to a gold buyer. When you put these pieces up for auction it is important that you mention the actual gold weight of the piece. Many jewelry collectors will pay for the design but the gold content is very important to the collector.


When coins are included in your pile of scrap gold, they can be sold for the gold weight only. Before you include them see if they carry any numismatic value or whether someone who is investing in gold will offer a price which is better than the scrap price, be doubly sure of the gold content as not all gold coins are the same.

Check the type of gold:

It is easy to approximate what value your old jewelry has to a gold buyer in Marietta, GA based on the carat. 24k is 100 percent gold, this drops to 41.7 percent by the time you get to 10k. Get the carat and you can quickly determine the gold content.

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