Tips on Hiring an appliance repair service

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Finding the right appliance repair service in your area can be a difficult task. There are often many companies to choose from and it’s easy to assume that all of them will give you the same quality results. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Some are far more concerned with being the best appliance dealer in New London CT that they look at saving money in any way that they can. This often means investing in low quality parts and charging higher than average prices for them. So just how do you find a good quality repair service?

Look at their portfolio

All good repair services will have a portfolio of previous work they have completed. This helps to show potential customers how skilled they are and the results they can expect. Find out how many similar repairs they have made. What appliances have they mainly fixed? Ideally you want to choose a service that has experience dealing with the exact appliance you need help with.

Make sure that the portfolio includes references. For all you know the company could have made these jobs up. There should always be contact details of previous customers available or at least testimonials to back up the portfolio.

How many years’ experience do they have?

This is a really important factor you need to consider. Obviously the longer they have been doing the job, the more experienced they will be. You want your appliance to be in the best hands while it’s being repaired. They should have a minimum of 3 years’ experience.

Understanding their fees

Will there be any up-front fees to pay? Are the costs fully explained to you? You should never agree to hire a repair service unless you know exactly how much you are paying. Many people have had a shock when they have sent their appliance away for repair and they have then received a high bill for the parts that were used. A good company will make sure you know the costs before you agree to the repair.

Contact the company directly

No good appliance dealer in New London CT will offer a fully online service. While they may advertise their services online, you should still need to contact the company via telephone or by visiting their offline store. You need to speak to somebody and talk through what’s wrong with the appliance. It also gives you the chance to double check that they seem knowledgeable. Never opt for a repair service that operates solely via online communication.

These are the most important tips to consider when looking for a reliable repair service. Do your research and be 100% sure you’re dealing with a professional company. Remember, the more experience they have in the field, the more reliable they will be.


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