Tips for Pre Season Maintenance on Air Conditioning in Mechanicsburg, PA

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Heating and Cooling

Each year as the cold months of winter start to fade away, it is important for homeowners to start thinking about their Air Conditioning in Mechanicsburg, PA. Since the air cooling system will become a very important component in the home when the temperatures begin to rise, it is important for a homeowner to make sure their unit is in good working order prior to the start of summer. One way this can be done is by having a technician from an air conditioning and duct cleaning company come out to service the unit.

To make sure an air conditioning system will perform at its best it is important to make sure it is cleaned well before the start of the summer season. Most technicians from a company who repairs Air Conditioning in Mechanicsburg, PA will begin their service work by spending time cleaning the unit.

Since the air filter on the unit is designed to trap most of the dirt and other matter, which tends to collect in the unit, the technician will want to check the filter first. By holding the filter to the light, the technician can see how much light can come through the filter. If little light comes through, the filter should be replaced with a clean one. Air filters should be checked periodically while the unit is being used daily and replaced if necessary.

The blower on the system is generally used by both the heating and Air Conditioning in Mechanicsburg, PA. Because of this, it can be quite dirty from the prior winter season and so it will need to be cleaned well by using a vacuum and stiff brush. The technician will want to clean the unit inside and out. Any vents or grilles on the unit should also be cleaned as well.

Most Air Conditioning in Mechanicsburg, PA is split level in design. This means there is a separate unit outside of the home, where the condenser and compressor are housed. This unit should be cleared of any large debris, which may have accumulated in the housing unit. The coils on the condenser should be cleaned using a high-pressure water hose. The fins on the unit should also be cleaned with a soft brush so they are not damaged during the cleaning. Any fins misshaped should be straightened using a fin comb.


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