Tips for Choosing a Rum Fruit Cake

by | Oct 3, 2018 | fruit cake

A traditional holiday fruit cake – one you can serve at any time of the year – is likely to include rum in it. Rum fruit cake is a traditional dessert often used very limitedly during early Colonial times and before. At that time, it was used as a way to preserve fruit through the cold winter months. The rum itself helped in that process. Today, it is no longer necessary to preserve them in this manner, but it still matters what goes into the cake.

Enjoy the Quality

If you wish to buy a rum fruit cake to serve at a dinner party or perhaps for another reason, one thing is for sure. You need to enjoy the flavor of the rum itself. Find out what type of rum is in the cake. Then, give it a taste. Find out if you enjoy it. Most cakes today do not have a significant amount of rum in them. And, most of the alcohol burns off in the heating process. Still, you should enjoy the quality of the product.

Select Based on Ingredients

Looking beyond the rum, it is also important to learn what other ingredients are in the cake. For example, nuts are very common but find out what types. Basic pecans are common, but those with macadamia nuts may offer a bit more decadence for you. Most include some type of fruit as well. But, variations exist here. Many newer products even include chocolate in them.

When finding the ideal rum fruit cake is the goal, spend a bit more time looking at the company and the products it offers. Are they the highest of quality? And, what type of product are they offering to you? The best companies always provide exceptional quality and traditional flavor.

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