Things to Consider when Remodeling your Bathroom

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

A bathroom remodeling can end up one of two ways; you can have a sparkling new bath which meets your every expectation or you can be left with a disaster making you wonder why you even tried. If you follow a few steps along the way, chances are your bathroom remodeling in Muscatine, IA will turn out wonderful.

The first thing you must consider is exactly how far you want to go with the remodeling job, you can do everything from a simple surface alteration all the way through to a complete overhaul.

* If you are happy with the size and the current layout of your bathroom and the room is structurally sound you may want to simply cover up rather than replace.

* Changing the physical layout is more difficult but if the structure is sound and all you want to do is change the layout and install new fixtures this is manageable.

* If you find that years of neglect has resulted in the walls and floors rotting out then you have reached the most demanding of all renovations.

If you are faced with a complete overhaul you are looking at an expensive project, it depends on many factors but this bathroom remodeling in Muscatine, IA can easily reach $20,000 or even more. A lot of this cost is associated with the new fixtures and the trades that you will have to employ. The finished product will add considerably to the value of the home so many people finance the renovation through a home equity loan.

Is the project a DIY job?

If it is strictly surface work then you may be able to do the work yourself, rarely is painting and papering beyond the reach of most homeowners. Anything other than that becomes problematic and it is advisable to hire a team of professionals to do the work. Not only might the work be beyond your skills, there may be need for permits for the electrical, construction and plumbing work involved.

If the task is to change the physical location of fixtures or indeed, to renovate the entire room including the structural elements you must consider using a contractor, just make sure you choose a contractor who is licensed and comes with good references.

Nobel Construction provides bathroom remodeling services in Muscatine, IA and will make sure your bathroom is up to the highest standard when the job is completed.

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