The Services of a Body Shop in Lubbock, TX

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Most people care for their vehicle to ensure it’s pleasant appearance and smooth functionality. Some even go as far as to treat it like one of their offspring, constantly cleaning the vehicle while simultaneously protecting it from damage and deterioration. In an ideal world, these individuals would never have to worry about disaster striking their vehicle, but in the real world, accidents happen all of the time. When the unexpected occurs and body work is needed, the specialists at a Body Shop in Lubbock, TX are prepared to restore any vehicle to it’s factory specifications.

For car lovers, finding the perfect body shop is akin to finding a great doctor. They want to be sure that the work they have done is precise and methodically without costing them an exorbitant amount. Taking a vehicle to a full service body shop like Texas Body and Frame means that the owner’s high expectations will be met and completed in a timely manor. The on-site licensed adjusters are readily available to evaluate any damage and appraise the repair to a price that is competitive within the industry’s market. The staff of certified technicians are then able to complete the repair in a timely manor, offering a lifetime warranty on all of the work they have performed. They also make sure that each job is thoroughly done, going above and beyond normal expectations to show the pride in their workmanship. By vacuuming up loose debris or making sure that any paint over-spray is buffed out, the technicians truly want to satisfy the customers in every detail.

Besides handling damage repair, the Body Shop in Lubbock is equipped to tackle a multitude of cosmetic automotive procedures. Through the use of a computerized color matching service, Texas Body & Frame can seamlessly repaint a vehicle with scratches, dings, or faded paint. No variance of color or hard paint edge will ever be visible. They are also a complete auto detailing shop, able to bring a shine to both the inside and outside of any vehicle. Their main goal is for the customer to feel as if they have just driven the vehicle off the showroom floor.

No matter what damage a vehicle has sustained, the staff of this Lubbock, TX body shop can restore it to the original factory specifications. Body, frame, and cosmetic work are all completed meticulously to create the ultimate customer satisfaction. Click here for more information.

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