The Causes And Treatment Options For Hyperhidrosis in Fairfax County, VA

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Dermatology

In Virginia, women and men who experience hyperhidrosis can acquire a real solution to this condition. They can visit their preferred cosmetic clinician for a multitude of options that will treat the condition. They will also reduce the embarrassing effects that this condition can cause. The following is an assessment of the cause and treatment options for Hyperhidrosis in Fairfax County VA.

What is This Condition?

The condition known as hyperhidrosis is essentially excessive sweating. It is associated with the armpits, groin, hands, and feet. The condition is caused by an overproduction of the sweat glands. There are two types which are focal hyperhidrosis in which the effects are localized, and generalized hyperhidrosis in which the entire body is affected.

What Health-Related Conditions Cause It?

Individuals with certain medical conditions may experience hyperhidrosis. These conditions include but are not limited to gout, diabetes mellitus, mercury poisoning, and the presence of a tumor. Women who have started menopause may also experience this condition. Hyperthyroidism can also lead to excessive sweating.

What are the Symptoms of This Condition?

The most common symptoms of this condition include clammy or wet palms or the soles of the feet. The individual will sweat frequently, and the sweat will soak through their clothes. Some patients may experience irritating skin infections. They could become self-conscious and avoid direct physical contact. Body odor may also become a serious concern for these patients as well. They may also avoid social situations due to a lack of confidence.

What is the Most Effective Treatment?

The most effective treatment for excessive sweating is Botox. The treatment can paralyze the glands in localized areas to lower the chances of sweating. The treatment lasts for several months; however, the treatment must be repeated to achieve long-lasting protection.

In Virginia, patients that experience hyperhidrosis is prone to excessive sweating. This condition can lead to serious effects on the self-esteem. It can also cause the individual to avoid all social events to avoid the embarrassment of their condition. Patients that want to acquire treatment for Hyperhidrosis in Fairfax County VA can visit Tamjidi Skin Institute today.

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