The Advantages Of Ready Mix Concrete

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Ready mix in Benton Harbor has been around since the 1930s. Ready mix concrete refers to concrete that is made in a special way for a customer and then delivered to that site. This type of concrete is factory manufactured to a special recipe, then transported to a worksite by a mixer truck and poured at the site. Construction companies like ready mix because it can be specially ordered for any specific job on the work site. The precise mixture is delivered just when it is needed to the site and this cuts down on the site workers having to stop what they are doing and having to mix their own concrete.

Ready mix is preferred to on-site concrete because of the convenience and exact preparation of the mix and the reduced confusion at the work site in Benton Harbor. When concrete is mixed at a work site, it generally needs to be poured immediately as the mix hardens. When the ready mix is delivered to the site, the concrete is delivered in a special mixer truck that keeps the concrete moving and fresh. Companies that supply ready mix to building sites are required to have up to date facilities and transportation methods. The concrete batching plant, which all needs visualized production management software, is usually centrally located in an industrial area of a city and has easy access to construction companies in the area.

Ready mix is concrete that is mixed to specifications, and is a mixture of concrete, water, and aggregates of gravel, sand, and crushed stone. Each of these mixtures is mixed in separately, to certain specifications, to produce the concrete needed. The mixtures can be delivered in a freshly mixed, plastic, and unhardened state.

Ready mix in Benton Harbor is convenient and saves time on work sites. Most batching companies are located in zoned industrial sites and are able to transport the concrete quickly to work sites. Even though the batching plant is located in an industrial area, the trucks are also able to deliver cement to residential areas and other sites across a large metroplex area. Ready mix needs to be poured within a ninety-minute window. Once the mix has been prepared at the batching factory, the mixer truck needs to be to the worksite and pouring the cement in that window of time. Most construction companies like the precision and convenience of the ready mix process and once they find a concrete company that delivers quality product, they will continue to use that contact for all their concrete needs.

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