Test Drive a Climate Controlled Storage in Winnipeg MB, Canada Before Making the Dive

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

The Internet makes everything so accessible and open. St. Anne’s Self Storage embraces this by reaching the standard, and going much further past. The online format allows an interaction with customers that is forward-thinking and positive. People who use self storage units are generally tech-savvy. They are using it because they are building a new business, moving their items, or renovating their home in unique and progressive ways. Fortunately, Climate Controlled Storage in Winnipeg MB, Canada can be better accessed through a breadth of online features. These features make accessing a personal storage unit easier than ever before.

Reserve or Pay

The days are gone where customers needed to go into the main office to pay. They were required to do it in cash. Individuals can now reserve a space and make all subsequent payments through the user-friendly online system. This is important for people who travel a lot. They may not be able to make it to the facility for months on end. This way, they can check on the status of the facility and make a respective payment without ever having to visit it for themselves.

See What Fits Interactive Tool

This extremely handy tool takes the idea of the ‘test drive’ to a whole new level. Space is rarely what is predicted. Many people tend to have a lot more than they can fit in the space. They initially thought a 10 x 10 would get the job done, but hours later and they have a 10 x 10 filled with another trailer full of items on the way. With the interactive ‘See What Fits’ tool, users can manipulate, adjust, and confirm if their products would fit appropriately in a given Climate Controlled Storage in Winnipeg MB, Canada.

Thorough Space Estimator

If the interactive tool was not enough, users can use the extremely specific item checklist. The system will then offer insight into the space required to fit all the items. This interactive tool makes getting a reservation seamless. Individuals can confirm, in two ways, if the size they are requesting is the correct one.

The online forum is pivotal in giving users insight into a business. Space estimators and interactive tools make the process seamless.

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