Termite Prevention in Sand Hartford CT for Gardening and Landscaping

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Pool-SandIt is a common misconception that termites avoid sand. They will tunnel through any material that retains moisture, including mulch, gravel and sand. This doesn’t mean that you have to have your front and back yards covered in concrete. Here are some steps to take to make sure that the Sand Hartford CT in your landscaping does not lead to termites in your home.

Never Touch House

Sand, mulch, gravel, crushed stone or other landscaping material should never touch any place where the home meets the ground. Keep these materials at least three feet away from the home, steps or deck. Also make sure that bushes, tree branched and ground-covering plants do not touch the home. Termites can use these plants as a bridge into your home. They will not be deterred by a soil ring barrier located around your home. This barrier is underground and away from termites walking on plants.

Consider Alternatives

If there are already gardens or decorative landscaping touching the sides of the home, consider changing the material to large gravel, round river jacks or paving stones that look attractive but are incredibly difficult for termites to navigate in. You may also need to move plants touching the home or deck indoors or in other parts of the yard.

Use Sparingly

Make sure gravel, mulch or sand is no more than three inches deep. This is deep enough to retain moisture but not so much that it is attractive to termites. Termite bodies shrivel when exposed to sunlight, which is why they spend most of their time underground where it is cool and damp. If termites still try to tunnel through sand, the tunnels will soon collapse.

Check Your Home’s Drainage

Wet ground or wet ground-like material will attract termites. It’s important that the ground touching your home’s foundations are not constantly saturated. Make sure rainwater is diverted away from the home. Repair any pipes, faucets or air conditioners that are leaking, because those leaks will cause ground that termites can easily tunnel through. Keep garden hoses and lawn sprinklers at least three feet from your home’s foundations.

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