Styles of Windows at Camp Hill

by | May 15, 2013 | Windows

The style, shape and size of window has a great impact on the appearance of a home. It can also determine how much light is filtered into a home. Determining which style of windows you want depends on how much light you want coming into your home and which rooms you want to have windows in. There are many different styles of Windows Camp Hill to choose from and knowing what they are is the first step to making your decision.

One popular style of window that is seem commonly in many homes is the double or single hung window. These windows are made up of both a top and bottom glass pane. The panes are divided into small sections. Single hung windows can raise up from the bottom only. While double hung windows can open from both the bottom and the top. These windows are often seen in Colonial and Cape Cod style homes.

Casement windows are some of the oldest types of windows that have been used. These Windows Camp Hill do not raise up or down. Instead they crank out with the use of a crank handle on the inside of the window. These are most commonly seen in mobile homes or RV motor homes.

Another type of window that is seen frequently in both residential homes and businesses are sliding windows. Instead of raising up and down or cranking out, these windows open by sliding from side to side. They usually have screens in between the glass that allows fresh air to flow through when the windows are open. These windows are also often seen in hotels and motels because they are easy to open, close, and lock.

Some buildings such as churches or hospitals, also have fixed windows that do not open. These windows may be in a variety of geometrical shapes and may also be made of stained glass. They are for decoration purposes and to filter light into the rooms only. These windows have also been used for many years and look very stylish and beautiful on both a residential home or a public building.

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