Stop Thieves Entering your Home from the Garage Door!

April, 2012 by

One of the entry points for a burglar that is often overlooked by the home owner and needing added security is the garage door. When burglar proofing your home, you should take care to ensure that your garage door as well as other entry points are properly secured.

Modern burglars don’t bother to go to the trouble of picking locks. The most common modus operandi that thieves adopt once they have targeted a home is to gain entry through the doors or other accessible entry points. The first thing a daring thief will do is park their car around the corner and approach the front door. If a resident answers the front doorbell, the stranger will pretend to be a salesperson or other vendor. If no one answers the door, the burglar will try to the windows and back entrance to gain entry, looking for an entry point that will attract least attention. If none of these entry points is accessible, the garage door is the next target to gain entry.

Make sure you keep the garage door closed at all times. Thieves and other criminals will take note of your habits a few days or weeks before a burglary. If they detect that home owners have the penchant for keeping their garage open, that’s where they are likely to enter from, when they clean out your home. Home owners should avoid relying entirely on an electric garage door opening system. A deadbolt or padlock on the door can do wonders to ward off thieves and secure your home. Thieves can decipher the code of your electrical security system on your garage door with the aid of “code sniffers”. If the locks and door are older versions, they can be easily compromised with these new age code sniffer devices that allow a waiting burglar to capture the code when you operate the remote.

When you want to protect your home against criminals and burglars, investing in a few inexpensive installations can vastly improve the safety of your home. Installing a security camera can work wonders for the security of your home. Upgrade the locks and make sure that all the family members keep the doors and windows locked if leaving the house or at night before going to bed. Make sure to lock up your garage door. Lancaster residents can contact local contractors to install locks and bolts on their garages.

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