Some Car Care Tips from a Reliable Expert in Car Repair in Henrietta, NY

November, 2013 by

To keep a car in good running condition for as long as necessary, you need to understand how to take care of the car in the first place. Most people are responsible for the frequent repair needs of their cars. A reckless driver who does not even check basic things such as water and oil in their cars spends more time at the repair shop each year. Below are some tips on car care from a reliable Car Repair in Henrietta, NY shop that can help you keep your car in good shape for longer.

Simple mistakes such as driving with low oil can cause serious damage to your car. Always check on the engine oil indicator to make sure you have enough oil. The oil in the engine is important for lubricating as well as cooling the engine. If you drive on very low oil, you car engine may seize. It is easy to check the oil every time before you start the car and drive off.

The other thing that many may not treat with the seriousness it deserves is the coolant level. Driving a car without water or coolant in the radiator is dangerous. The engine will overheat, and it could even result in a fire. Always check the water level in your radiator before you take the driver’s seat. It does not mater how short a distance you want to travel. A car without coolant can heat up, even if you are only driving five miles. If you are going on a long trip, make sure you carry a gallon of water because you never know what may happen.

Experts in Car Repair in Henrietta, NY, such as Action Rochester, also advise that you always check your tires. Make sure you rotate your tires after some time to keep them uniform. When the tires start wearing out and the treads disappear, it is time to change them to enhance proper traction. Worn out tires will increase your chances of causing an accident because you cannot brake well enough, and the vehicle easily skids on slippery surfaces.

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