Some Basic Bike Repair Tasks

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Is your motorbike not functioning properly? Have you noticed a reduction in performance the previous few times you were out riding? It is likely that your motorbike has mechanical problems that need to be taken care of. The first thing you need to do when your bike is not working optimally is diagnose the problem.

Diagnosing the problem properly is just as essential as carrying out the actual repairs. You do not want to spend long hours on something you believe is the problem only to discover that your assumption was wrong. Whenever your motorcycle is having mechanical issues, you should always consult the owner guidebook so as to properly diagnose the problem.

Bike repair can be an intricate undertaking if you are not exactly certain what you’re doing. There are numerous resources both offline and online which can help you get through the steps of repairing a motorcycle. The owner handbook is arguably the most helpful resource a motorbike owner can have for carrying out repair and maintenance tasks, because it contains information particular to your specific model. In addition, there are several diagnostic tools which can aid you in identifying specific issues that may exist with your motorcycle. These tools will aid identify problems in the bike’s electrical system, emissions system, fuel system, and more.

There are several common repairs which may need to be performed at some stage in the life of your bike. Some typical maintenance procedures you might experience include:

tire replacement

oil changes

air filter cleaning/replacement

spark plug replacement

clutch and throttle adjusting

battery services

tire pressure

drive shaft and pivot point lubrication

break repairs

Keeping up with regular bike repair and maintenance tasks is an excellent way to avoid costly repairs later as a result of long term neglect. What this means is that you can save a great deal of money down the road by performing routine maintenance on your motorbike. If you are not comfortable with carrying out the repairs on your own, it might be best to hire an expert to do it for you. If you do the repairs yourself, you could cause more damage that will lead to a higher repair bill. Visit for additional information about motorcycle repair.


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