Six Benefits of Pre Planning Funeral Services

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When a family member dies, it’s a busy, hurried time of making emotional decisions and, quite frankly, spending a great deal of money. Family members rarely know exactly what their loved one would have wanted, so they make educated guesses, trying to make decisions that the deceased would have liked and that the remaining family members will approve of, too. To alleviate much of the stress that comes along with a funeral, an increasing number of individuals are turning to Pre Planning Funeral Services while still in the prime of their life.


*   Extra time to consider options – With most funerals 2-3 days after the death of a loved one, decisions are typically made quickly. Pre Planning Funeral Services instead allow you more time to consider your options. Perhaps you don’t want a traditional funeral after all, but a cremation ceremony, instead. By planning ahead, you have the time to research your options and put them into place.

   *   Peace of mind – By taking care of the arrangements ahead of time, you gain peace of mind that your family is taken care of. They don’t have to worry about the details during an obviously traumatic time in their lives. Furthermore, they don’t have to wonder about what you would have wanted as you’ve already laid it out for them.

   *   Fewer Family Concerns – While your decisions may not be what the family would have wanted, the burden is off of them. You made the funeral just the way you wanted and no one can say one word to your loved ones about how it was done.


  *   Lock in prices – By electing for pre-planning, you’re locking in prices at today’s rates, so that no matter how much rates go up in the years to come, your cost will not change.

  You can pay over time or all at once. Most funeral homes have very liberal finance plans and will not even do a credit check.

  *   You’ve taken the financial burden off your loved ones, giving them this one last gift of love. Additionally, they will not have to dip into the life insurance policy to take care of funeral expenses.

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