Signs that it is Time for Septic Pumping in Cape Coral, Florida

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Business

Septic pumping in Cape Coral, Florida is the same as it is anywhere else in America. Not all homes have a septic tank, and for some people that is a good thing. However, for the people who do have a septic tank, you are going to have to have it pumped out at some time, or another, if you live in the home long enough. Below you will learn how to tell if your septic tank needs pumping, and why it’s best to call in the professionals to do the job.

If the light is flashing or the siren sounding on your septic tank, then you will need septic pumping in Cape Coral, Florida for sure. Not every home has an alert sensor like this, but for those that do, it can be a pretty handy thing. The alarm will usually buzz when the tank needs to be pumped, and a red light on the side of the house will start blinking.

A totally rotten smell is a sure sign that you need to have your septic tank pumped, this is of course better left to the professionals, as sewage is toxic, and can make your extremely sick. Sometimes a broken drain line will cause the sewage smell, which is a separate issue; however, if there is no broken line, then it’s time to get the tank pumped out.

If you suddenly have raw sewage overflowing into your yard, it is probably one of two things. You have a broken line somewhere, or your septic tank is full. It is best to call in the professionals to determine which reason it is, and to take care of either problem, the right way.

If your toilets, and sinks, are backing up constantly, it may mean that the sewage has nowhere else to go. If there is discolored water waste in the tubs, and sinks, of your home, it is a pretty safe bet that your septic tank is full, and overflowing. Determining whether your septic tank needs pumping, or not, is usually the job of a professional, so make sure to call one as soon as possible.

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