Signs it’s Time to Find a Periodontic Service in California, MD for Treatment of Gum Disease

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Signs it’s Time to Find a Periodontic Service in California, MD for Treatment of Gum Disease

Periodontists are specializing dentists who focus on treating conditions affecting patients’ gums. One of the most common reasons for patients to look into finding a Periodontic Service in California MD is gum disease. This serious issue is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults, yet few dental patients know what symptoms to look for during the early stages of its development. Read on to find out about a few signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment with a periodontist today.

Bleeding Gums

One of the first signs most patients notice of gum disease is bleeding during brushing and flossing. This symptom occurs due to the proliferation of harmful bacteria in patients’ mouths. If they see a periodontist as soon as this problem begins to occur, most patients can reverse the course of the periodontists without the need for extensive and costly treatments.

Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath, known medically as halitosis, is another common symptom of gum disease. It is caused by the toxins produced by bacteria building up in the mouth. Some patients also notice a sour taste in their mouths that persists even after brushing.

Receding Gums

As patients’ gums recede due to the progression of gum disease, they may begin to notice deep pockets forming between their teeth and gums. These pockets accelerate the progress of gum disease by offering bacteria a perfect environment to breed and proliferate. Eventually, receding gums can lead to loose teeth and changes in bite patterns.

Temperature Sensitivity

As patients’ gums recede, their teeth will become more sensitive to extreme hot and cold. This is due to the exposure of the roots and should be taken very seriously. Failing to take action as soon as possible could leave patients losing teeth and other substantial damages.

Get Started Today

Any patient who has been referred to a Periodontic Service in California MD by a primary care dentist should schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid further gum damage. Don’t know where to go? Visit to learn about one local office that can help, then schedule an appointment for a consultation to get started.

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