Signs it is Time for Roof Repair in Kirkland, WA

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Roofing

More than five million homeowners in the United States invest in new roofs each year. The fact is, a new roof is one of the biggest investments a person can make for their home. This seemingly simple part of a home can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000 depending on the size and the type of the roof needed. As a result, most homeowners want to feel confident that a new roof is really needed. In some cases, Roof Repair in Kirkland WA will be enough. Keep reading to learn the signs it is time to make this investment.

Missing, Cracked, or Curled Shingles

Take some time to look at the home’s shingles from time to time. Do they seem to be curled at the ends? If the shingles on a home’s roof have become curled at the ends, or if they are cracked, it means they are nearing the end of their life. If the roof has missing shingles, that is a huge sign it is time to invest in Roof Repair in Kirkland WA.

Granules from the Shingles in the Gutters

If a homeowner begins to see things that are similar to black sand in their gutters, it is a sign that the shingles have begun to wear. If this has happened, it is a possibility that an entirely new roof will be needed. However, in some cases, repairs will be enough.

Wear Tear Near Roof Objects

Areas around the home’s vent pipes, chimney, and other items may experience wear at some point. Be sure to inspect these areas carefully from time to time. If there are signs of wear or a problem, in most cases, minor repairs will be enough. Make sure to have a professional look at these areas as soon as possible to ensure the problems don’t get any worse.

When it comes to a home’s roof repairs, there are some signs that are undeniable. Getting to know what these are and being aware of the state of the home’s roof can help a homeowner avoid having to replace the entire thing. Be sure to keep this in mind to keep a roof in good, protective condition.

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