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When you get your windshield replaced on your car, SUV or truck in Seattle, it’s important to make sure that the Auto Glass Seattle work is done to the highest possible standards. Vehicle safety experts regard the windshield as one of the three most important safety components of the car. In the event of a collision, the windshield provides 70% of the support to the roof, preventing it from crumpling down onto the occupants of the vehicle. If it has not been correctly fitted, the windshield will simply pop out, robbing your car of vital structural integrity. Equally importantly, in modern cars, the windshield provides the back support for the airbags. If your windshield fails to function correctly, their airbags will also fail to provide the vital protection you need.

The Auto Glass Safety Council (previously known as the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard or AGRSS Council), is a non-profit organization that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They developed the standards and procedures for safe and secure auto glass replacement. They also provide training and certification to ensure that technicians are aware of the correct procedures and that companies providing auto glass replacement services in Seattle adhere to them.  All registered companies and technicians are obliged to follow their code of ethics.

Companies registered with the Auto Glass Safety Council are required to demonstrate that their technicians are trained and certified, and that their work reaches all safety standards. The Auto Glass Safety Council provides two levels of certification for auto glass technicians.

Certified Auto Glass Technician: must demonstrate knowledge of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) procedures, National Auto Glass specifications and custom cutting of laminated parts.
Certified Master Auto Glass Technician: must have had a minimum of three years as a certified auto glass technician, and also be able to demonstrate competence with electrical testing, and working on sunroofs, wind noise, water leaks, and all current regulations in the auto glass industry as well as employee safety.

The important thing for Seattle consumers to realize is that auto glass companies and technicians are not obliged to be members of the Auto Glass Safety Council or to follow its recommended procedures. It is a purely voluntary organization. If you have work done by a non-accredited company, you have no assurances that your windshield is being fitted correctly. This means you could potentially be risking your life. Always check to make sure that your selected company has been certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council and that the technician has completed the full training.

Glass Doctor of Seattle are proud that to provide auto glass repair services that adhere to the strict standards of the Auto Glass Safety Council.

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