Selecting the Right Tires at Tire Distributors in Missouri

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Before you head out to shop for tires at your local Tire Distributors in Missouri, take the time to jot down some information to make the best choice for your car. Your car owner’s manual will tell you what type of tire you need. Your final tire selection will depend upon your driving habits and preferences for your ride. In addition, you’ll want to have your car’s maintenance list handy to determine if you really need the additional brake work or oil changes that may be recommended.

Checklist for Buying Tires

Have this information handy and you will be sure to get exactly what you need:

* People who use their cars just to commute and do errands do not require extra weight-bearing capacity in their tires. However, if you frequently haul a boat or trailer, talk with the best Tire Distributors in Missouri to ensure that you get tires that can bear the weight without having performance problems. Additionally, different tires transfer different amounts of road stress to the passengers. If a smooth ride is important to you, look for a different type than is required for off-roading or other vigorous activities.

* Recommended tire type from owner’s manual.

* It is important that all four tires are the same size. If you are buying fewer than four tires, have the tire company put the newer tires on the rear wheels.

* Mileage since last tire change.

* Knowing how many miles you have driven since your tires were last replaced gives you vital information when looking at the wear on your current vehicle. When wear is concentrated on the side of one or more tires, it is a sign that your car’s alignment may need work.

* Load capacity and comfort while driving.

This is the most basic information that you will need. Once you have arrived at the tire dealer and your car is on rack, the technician may talk to you about having a brake job done. Ask him how thick the current brakes are and reference your maintenance list to see how many miles ago your last brake job was completed. There are many different tire dealers in business. At Ben Tire Distributors, the company is employee owned which means that everyone at the shop takes pride in their work since they all own the business. When it comes to car safety, it’s important to deal with companies devoted to excellent workmanship.


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