See Signs of Nursing Home Abuse? Hire an Injury Lawyer in Stafford, VA

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

When people put their senior and elderly loved ones in nursing homes, they assume the staff will treat them with care and respect. In reality, nursing home abuse is a prevalent problem in the elder care industry and it’s important for people to be on the lookout for the signs of issues. If you do suspect your loved one is being neglected or abused, get them out of the situation as soon as possible and hire an Injury Lawyer in Stafford, VA for assistance.

Physical abuse is the most common type of elder abuse and the most easily detected. If your senior loved one suddenly begins collecting bruises, breaks, sprains, and other physical trauma within a short period of time, there’s a good chance someone is beating on him or her. Abuse can also involve unreasonable restraining of a patient or confining the person to a specific area for no apparent reason as well as failing to feed or medicate the patient properly. For example, the staff member may give your senior loved one an unauthorized sedative to keep the person “quiet”.

Verbal abuse is another issue that is unfortunately common. This type of abuse can be even more harmful than physical abuse because it can cause extensive emotional and mental damage. Being placed in a nursing home may already make your senior family member feel unloved and forgotten. Having someone yell and berate her on a daily basis only acerbates those feelings. Unfortunately, verbal abuse is not as easy to prove as physical. However, if you notice your normally outgoing mother becoming suddenly withdrawn, quiet, or fearful, then you should suspect something.

If it becomes apparent that you loved one is being abused, remove the person from the situation as soon as possible and contact an Injury Lawyer in Stafford, VA. The Injury Lawyer can go to work gathering the evidence needed to prove your case and help you win the money you need to get help for your loved one. You may love your senior family member, but there are people in the world who won’t hesitate to hurt your elderly relative. Make the responsible parties pay for their actions by suing them in court. For more information, visit

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