Security To The Fore: Using A Multiple Monitor Security PC

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

When it comes to security concerns, technology has worked hard to achieve continually advanced and more sophisticated ways of managing and controlling potential and actual security issues. Careful planning and design have resulted in increasingly advanced technological solutions. Among them are multiple security PC systems. Their chief components are a wall display consisting of multiple monitor and a controller.

Display Monitors

In order to create Multiple Monitor Security PC Systems, you need more than one monitor. It is essential to have several working in tandem to create a seamless picture of what is happening in the area under scrutiny. These are usually hung on a wall like a massive display of technology. Each one usually comprises part of a whole. Together they create one unified portrait of the locale under inspection.

Yet, as magnificent as it is to post one or more display units, this is not going to accomplish the job efficiently and effectively unless it has the right controller.

Types Of Video Wall Controllers

When it comes to selecting the right controller for the job, with the advance of technology, you can now choose from several different types. The most common ones are:

  • Multiple Monitor Security PC System: A computer system is easily capable of handling the video wall displays. If you select the right model, it will let you manage the entire one as a single unit and/or treat each screen as an independent.
  • Dedicated Video Wall Server System: While almost identical to the above option, this system allows greater intensity of usage – a maximum of 48 display screens.
  • Matrix Video Wall Displays: A special feature of this type of controller is called the “Daisy Chain.” Once this capability is put into place, it will require only one display output from a laptop or a PC to utilize the video wall as a large single screen.
  • Stand-Alone Video Wall Controller: Of all the options, this one is considered the most professional solution to creating and maintaining the integrity and highest operating standards of a video wall. It is portable and transferable allowing you the capability to operate your video wall from any PC.

The latest developments in technology have resulted in large gains being made in the field of security. Today, multiple security PC systems help to build walls that protect. These video walls are able to increase the ability of security officers and monitors to do their job remotely, efficiently and effectively.


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