Scrap Metal in Hartford, CT is a way to Sell Your Junk Vehicle

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

There is no reason for allowing scrap metal to lie around and clutter up the landscape since a rusted pile of metal or an old car is unsightly. Companies in the scrap metal industry will be more than willing to come out and pick up scrap metal including old cars and cars that do not run. Sending old cars to a scrap metal company has an environmental benefit since these cars often leak fluids into the ground, which will contaminate the ground and the ground water.

Scrap metal is recycled into a variety of products. All aluminum, for example, can be recycled over and over without any loss of the metal’s useful properties. Nearly every part of a scrapped vehicle is recyclable. This saves the environment and turns scrap parts into useful commodities. Batteries are disassembled and recycled, as are many engines and many engine parts. Even the engine oil can be recycled. There are many other parts that are removed from the car and offered for sale. These parts are in good condition, and they have a remaining useful life for another vehicle. The tires are valuable, and the wheels can be sold for a good price. All of the glass can be recycled. Car glass can also be recycled either as a replacement part or turned into glass for another purpose. Though most Scrap Metal Hartford CT can be recycled, but some parts will go to the shredder.

When the vehicles have been stripped of all of their parts, they are stacked about three high and loaded into a crusher, which reduces the vehicle to about one-third of its original size. These vehicles are sent through a shredder, which cuts the metal into strips and turns the strips into a ball, which is sold for making consumer products after the Scrap Metal Hartford CT has been melted.

Much of the Iron and Steel made in the United States is manufactured using scrap ferrous metal. Recycling Steel requires a lot less energy than producing steel from iron ore. The CO2 emissions created in the manufacturing process are reduced by well over 50%. The steel industry saves the equivalent energy to power about 18 million households by using recycled iron and steel. Recycling cars requires a knowledge of the vehicle, the scrap market, and the types of non-ferrous parts that can be recycled. Visit Calamari Recycling Co. to know more.

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