Roof Coating in Oro Valley, AZ Can Reduce Energy Use

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

The primary function of a roofing system is to prevent water from entering a home’s interior. Walls, ceilings and insulation are quickly damaged when roof leaks occur, making it important to inspect roofs often to reduce the chances of leakage. Roof coatings on Santa Fe style homes are routinely covered with a coating to prevent water leaks. However, roof coatings serve another function that many homeowners do not normally think about. A highly reflective roof coating can also reduce energy consumption.

Roof coating Oro Valley AZ experts know that that different colors have different abilities to reflect the sun’s hot summer rays. Darker coatings absorb heat, making it more difficult for cooling systems to keep homes comfortable. Lighter coatings, especially white, reflect much of the heat, reducing the stresses on cooling systems. The difference can be significant. White surfaces, for example, reflect up to 95 percent of the heat, while tan reflects only about 65 percent of the heat. However, there are other factors that must be considered when selecting a roof coating. Aluminum colored coatings have reflectiveness comparable to tan, but last longer. Area roofing professionals like Ralph Hays Roofing ( work with property owners to determine which coating options are best for their specific applications.

Local roofing professionals also advise that all homeowners have their roofing systems inspected annually to spot developing issues before leaks can actually occur. This recommendation is not only for Santa Fe style roofs, but also tile, shingle or metal roofing systems. Many leaks occur where there are openings cut into the roof. Vents, chimneys and skylights, for example, all present an opportunity for water to enter the home. The region’s hot sun is hard on flashing materials, causing them to deteriorate rather quickly. An annual inspection allows roofing professionals to spot sun, damaged areas and provide property owners with options for repairs.

In the event a roof is beyond its useful life, area roofing professionals will analyze the roof, suggest potential roofing options, and present a complete proposal for replacement. Properly maintaining a roof keeps the water out and, in many cases, reduces energy consumption when the best roofing options are selected. Get in touch with Ralph Hays Roofing for more details.

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