Residents Use Natural Gas Appliances with Liquid Propane After Propane Conversion in Brookfield, CT

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

In early 2014, a shortage of liquid propane is affecting rural homeowners and business owners throughout the country. A company such as the Rural Gas Company in Connecticut works hard to make sure its customers continue to have enough fuel to get through the winter. Rural dwellers not only use propane for heat. Ovens and ranges, clothes dryers and water heaters all can be fueled with propane. For propane conversion in Brookfield CT area, rural residents can have a propane provider do the conversion process with appliances such as water heaters that have been designed to use natural gas.

Owners of buildings outside of municipalities must find a way to heat the structures and fuel certain types of appliances that were originally intended to run on natural gas. Rural areas usually do not have natural gas pipelines bringing this type of fuel to their buildings from the utility company. Instead, building owners commonly heat with liquid propane, which is delivered by a propane supplier in the area. They may also heat their homes and businesses with wood or corn pellets, but having a backup propane furnace is a common choice. The furnace, like other appliances, is originally a natural gas furnace that has been converted to run on liquid propane. After a propane conversion Brookfield CT, rural residents can have the furnace installed and know they now have a source of clean, safe heat.

Rural building owners who heat with propane and use this type of gas for other appliances have a large tank on the property that the propane delivery service brings gas to when the customer calls or on a regular basis per a signed contract. The tank may belong to the property owner or may be rented from the propane company. Signing a contract before the heating season begins has the advantage for customers of locking in a price, which protects them if the price rises over the course of the season. In early 2014, customers who signed a contract benefit from not having to pay per-gallon prices that have skyrocketed due to the propane shortage affecting the entire country.

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